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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers to Your Common Questions.

LJ Properties Inc. is here to help answer any questions you may have about our luxury rental properties in Los Angeles, California. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please reach out and contact us today.

The rent is due on the 1st day of each calendar month. If your rent is not received by the 1st of the month, you will be charged a late fee. Your rent should be mailed and/or delivered to our office or paid online by the 1st in order to avoid being charged any fees.

Yes. Pets must be 25lbs. and under. There is a $500 Pet Deposit, but no recurring monthly fees.

No, your Security Deposit cannot be used for your last month’s rent.

Under the California Landlord Tenant Law, you are entitled to the return of your security deposit within 21 days from the date we receive the keys if a refund is due. Your security deposit may be withheld if there are damages or unpaid rent.

No. Tenants are not allowed to sublet their apartments under any circumstances.

If you are planning on having a roommate move in, they must submit an application. If the applicant has passed our screening process, then an updated lease agreement will be signed by both you and your new roommate. If the applicant has not passed our screening process, they cannot move into the building.

All adults that will be living in the rental unit must complete an Application Form and submit it along with a Photo ID and Application Fee. Once our office has received your application, we will contact you for further information in order to properly screen you as a tenant. If you meet our criteria, we will let you know your application has been approved. If we cannot approve you at this moment, you will be notified that your application has been denied and why it was denied.

The application fee is $30 and it covers our cost to adequately screen you as a Tenant. The application fee is nonrefundable regardless of whether your application is approved or denied.

Please submit a maintenance form with all the necessary information and/or photos. If you have a maintenance emergency, submit a form and call our offices right away. We will respond to maintenance inquiries as soon as possible.